Tuesday, August 29, 2017

GI Joe's 50 Adventures

Moving things around yesterday I looked at the back of GI Joe package for the first time in years and was kind of blown away at how striking it is. 

It really shows how powerful this artwork was, no wonder I'm a junkie for it some 40 years later. 


Hauntedheadful said...

Telling you,man,this artwork sold me as a little kid.Most of the sets were the same equiptment just re-packaged with new artwork and occasionally a cheap plastic beastie.but that artwork made me want it anyway.Luckily,there was always a kid or three in the 'hood that either needed a part that you had too many of,or had a surplus that you could use.Joe was definitely a communal toy.

Hauntedheadful@comcast.net said...

I have to add,those pictures were cropped on most of those boxes.These complete illustrations you are showing here are amazing,right up there with Aurora monster model and Micronauts box art.Thaks for posting these!

Armpit Studios said...

That makes me want to go dig out my multi-fold accessories brochure and stare at it again like I did so many times before.

Umbratikus said...

I think I spent more time staring at these things, and dreaming of the GI Joe sets I didn't own, than I did actually playing with the sets I did own. I was a definite Adventure Team junkie.


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